středa 21. listopadu 2012

Sherry's New Adventures

As you may know I am also an unsuccessful writer :-) From time to time I write a piece of damsel in distress fiction. My heroine is called Sherry Rathbone and her adventures are set in the fictional city of Bakersfield. During those months that I wasn't updating this blog I wrote two new stories with Sherry and her friends in distress. You can read both of them at the Girl Detectives in Trouble Forum.

The first of the stories is called Cat Comes At Midnight and the other one Sins of the Father. If you like my stories and are interested in reading more, you will find the rest here.

Also if you like any of my or other authors' stories let us know that by making a "good job" comment in the feedback section. Any critical feedback is welcome as well. Thanks in advance.

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