pondělí 9. dubna 2012

Mrs. Peel's railroad adventure once again

In addition to yesterday's update of videoclips from the Avengers' 4th season, I found some publicity shots of Emma Peel tied to the railroad tracks (episode 04x02 - The Gravediggers). Some of them are black and white but some of them are in colour.

Bonus: A coloured photo of Steed untying Emma from the dentist chair she was tied to in episode - 04x09 The Hour That Never Was

neděle 8. dubna 2012

The Avengers - S04E17

04x17 - The Girl From Auntie

Mrs. Peel disappears and Georgie (Lil Frazer) is hired by the crooks to impersonate her. Later she becomes friendly with Steed and helps him with his investigation. In order to get to Emma, Steed finds the man who ordered her kidnapping and Georgie has to be Emma Peel once again. In a very cute scene Steed tapes her mouth shut in a cabby and then ties her hands in fron of her and places the wig over on her head. Later they get to the man, he sees gagged Georgie and opens the door when Steed attacks him, while she removes the tape from her mouth and places it on the picture on the wall.

The Avengers - S04E09

04x09 - The Hour That Never Was

In this episode Emma is strapped to a dentist chair and gagged with a wad of cloth. Unfortunately only a short scene with no good close-up.

The Avengers - S04E04

04x04 - Death at Bargain Prices

Another classic. This time Emma is captured in the shopping centre. She has her hands tied behind her back and is cleave-gagged and hidden in a carpet. Steed saves the day as usual. She looks really good in her leather catsuit. Unfortunately there is no good close-up of her gagged face.

The Avengers - S04E02

04x02 - The Gravediggers

This is probably the best bondage scene in The Avengers. Not only it features lovely Diana Rigg as Emma Peel dressed in a really sexy leather outfit and tied up and gagged two times, but we can also enjoy a brief scene of Caroline Blakiston who plays a nurse who gets bound and gagged by Emma.
I guess no more description is needed. Sorry for so many pictures I simply couldn't resist.