pondělí 17. srpna 2015

Once Upon a Honeymoon (1942)

In this wartime comedy (with Cary Grant and Ginger Rogers), Ginger is guarded by the gestapo in a hotel room. The maid in the hotel offers her help. Ginger fools the gestapo (who are not very bright) in the maid's uniform and the two guys later discover the maid (played by Natasha Lytess) in the room tied to a chair and gagged. Nobody notices that she could have easily removed her gag with her hands. When she is untied she explains why she could have shouted for help with her hand over her mouth.

The Return of Doctor X (1939) aka The Return of Dr. X

The 1930s horror starring Humphrey Bogart as the mad scientist features Rosemary Lane tied to the operating table and OTM gagged with a white cloth. However the rescue is on the way.

The Whip Hand (1951)

Evil communists are conducting some inhuman experiments in a small remote town where everybody is acting really weird. A sister of one of them (played by Carla Balenda) is captured by them together with the reporter to whom she was helping. She is strapped to a table and OTM gagged. In the last moment her brother changes her mind and shoots one of the captors.

The Famous Ferguson Case (1932)

Some journalists discover a dead man in a house while his wife (Vivienne Osborne) is found bound and cleave-gagged on the bed. They untie her and ungag her quickly however we can enjoy couple of good shots and some nice mmmmphing.