pátek 22. ledna 2016

Trouble Brewing (1939)

A damsel (played by Googie Winthers) is captured, hand-gagged and later tied up and gagged by the bad guys.

(Sorry for such short descriptions of the last scene but I really don't know what more to say since they are all very brief and nothing much is happening in them :-))

Fast Company (1938) aka The Rare-Book Murder

A movie about a detective couple. The bad guys grab the wife (Florence Rice) to force her husband to let go one of their associates who he has tied to a chair. At first she is handgagged, then OTM gagged, however her hands aren't tied which is a pity.

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My Dear Miss Aldrich (1937)

Maureen O' Sullivan gets tied to a chair and OTM gagged. (There is more bondage in the movie however it doesn't include any gagging so I didn't include it in the video).

Django il Bastardo (1969) aka Django the Avenger aka Django the Bastard aka The Stranger's Gundown

A blonde damsel (played by Rada Rassimov) is tied up and OTM gagged as a bait for Django. She shows him the position of the bad guys with her feet.
The actress is beautiful, her pink gag is cute but it is too short and she doesn't show any struggling efforts.

Professionisti per un massacro (1967) aka Red Blood Yellow Gold

Very short scene featuring a girl portrayed by Monica Randall tied up and cleave.gagged by the vbad guys.

pondělí 4. ledna 2016

Fog Over Frisco (1934)

Margaret Lindsay is kidnapped and taken to a boat where she is gagged (and probably even tied off-screen).
Quite a disappointment. Very brief scene.

The Bishop Misbehaves (1935)

During a robbery, Lillian Bond ends up bound and gagged in a storage room with two other guys. She is discovered by an elder couple.

Secrets of the French Police (1932)

The heroine played by Gwili Andre is kidnapped, strapped to an operating table and gagged while her boyfriend (also tied up and gagged) is struggling nearby. An evil scientist wants to drain some blood from her hand but the police come to the rescue.
Couple of good close-ups of her face but mostly she is only seen lying on the table and her gagged face is not visible.

Lancer Spy (1937)

Dolores Del Rio gets tied up and gagged by a secret agent played by George Saunders. She is later discovered by Nazi officers.