čtvrtek 31. října 2013

King Richard and the Crusaders (1954)

Virginia Mayo plays the cousin of King Richard in this adaptation of the Walter Scott's novel. She is kidnapped by the villainous order of Castelains (a substitute for the Templars who were the villains in the original novel). They are taking her to their fort when she is "kidnapped" again however this time by the good guy Saladdin who takes her to safety and unties her.
I don't think that the thin piece of cloth tied loosely around her mouth would silence her. But what can I do? :-)

Download King Richard and the Crusaders

After Midnight With Boston Blackie (1943) - scene 2

Almost two years ago I posted a scene from this movie, which I found according to the entry in the Brian's Database. You can find it here.
However two days ago when I was watching this film I found out that there was a second scene which wasn't mentioned in the entry. It features Ann Savage whose character is captured offscreen and later shown tied up and OTM gagged with a white handkerchief sitting motionlessly waiting to be untied by Boston Blackie.

Pony Soldier (1952)

Penny Edwards is captured two times by the Indians in this western movie with Tyrone Power as the hero.
At first he finds her tied up and bit-gagged in a tent together with a guy. This scene is very brief and she is rescued quickly.
The second scene is longer. She is taken away by the Indians, bit-gagged again, her hands are tied behind her back and her feet are tied over her skirt. She is struggling on the ground next to the fire until Mr. Power saves her for the second time.

Special Inspector (1938)

In my last update in February I was presenting my holy grail video - sexy Rita Hayworth in the 1938 movie Special Inspector. Thanks to Captain Kidnap (with whose permission I am posting this wonderful scene) we have Rita bound and gagged in the closet and can watch her every day :-)
Rita plays a snoopy reporter and she is snooping somewhere where she shouldn't. Logically she is captured by a bad guy and imprisoned in the closet. She is cleave-gagged and tied with quite a lot of ropes. In the end she is rescued and the villain is forced to untie her.

You can visit Captain Kidnap's great blog featuring a lot of rare scenes here.

I'm back ... again

Hello everybody, I know that it has almost become a tradition not to update this blog for a half a year or so and then come back but I must say that after 8 months I'm back and I hope that this time for good.
In February I got my laptop fixed and the harddrive was changed which caused the loss of all data (although my videos were backed up). Unfortunately I also lost all the bookmarks and cookies and I couldn't remember what the login for this site had been. After a couple of frustrating and unsuccessful attempts I gave up and decided to leave the blog alone without updates.
Couple of days ago I was watching an old movie which featured unexpected DID scene (one of those featured in today's update) and I decided to give a one last try and suddenly something enlightened me and I remembered that the login-email didn't start with DesolationAngel but TheDesolationAngel and suddenly I was in again.

I hope that this time I won't lose my login or interest in the blog again and will be able to update at least once a month.

Enjoy today's videos and welcome back after sucha a long time.

Yours truly

Desolation Angel