neděle 17. listopadu 2013

The Avengers - S05E22

05x22 - The Positive Negative Man

Emma's worst scene ever. She is tied to the table, briefly gagged with a cloth and covered in some shiny foil.

The Avengers - S05E16

05x16 - Who's Who?

Two villains switch bodies with Emma and Steed. Emma gets back her body later and helps Steed to get his. They capture Patricia Haines whose body Emma previously had and try to get her boyfriend who poses as Steed.
Very short scene.

The Avengers - S05E09

05x09 - The Correct Way To Kill

We are lucky that the creators decided to remake an old Cathy Gale episode The Charmers. Its fabulous scene with the old school ties returns in color. The Russian agent played by Anna Quayle is chloroformed, tied up with the neckties and gagged with a hankie and a tie and the put in the box. After she is rescued by Steed, he asks her: "How do you feel?" and she utters the famous line: "Like someone who has been tied up and dumped in the box."

The Avengers - S05E05

05x05 - The Bird Who Knew Too Much

One of the best Emma Peel scenes. She is chloroformed in the studio where she comes snooping, tied to the chair, gagged with a black scarf and endangered by the death trap. However Steed is a clever boy.
Some nice struggling and close-ups of her face.