pátek 19. září 2014

Marshal of Cedar Rock

Martha Clark (Phyllis Coates) gets captured together with her uncle. They are both sitting tied up and gagged with black cloth over their mouths. Their rescuer comes and fights the bad guys.

Download Marshal of Cedar Rock

Adventures of Superman (1952) - 01x06 - Night of Terror

The second Phyllis Coates's scene as the fabulous damsel Lois Lane occurrs in the sixth episode where Lois is captured in a motel together with the wife of the murdered motel owner. While his murderers are waiting for some other killer to come and get rid of the ladies (yeah stupid plot but thanks to it we have this scene so I am not complaining).
The ladies are tied back to back and OTM gagged. Unfortunately we don't see the other woman's (Ann Doran) face. They are untied by Jimmy who is mistakem for the other killer.

Adventures of Superman (1952) - 01x04 - The Mystery of the Broken Statues

Phyllis Coates who played Lois Lane only in the first season of the classic TV show had only two full treatment scenes. In the fourth episode she was captured by some gangsters who didn't like her snooping. She has her hands tied behind her back and a cloth tied over her mouth. She looks really sexy.

úterý 9. září 2014

Agent Carter

I am happy to hear that the hot Agent Carter from Captain America's movies is going to get her own TV show in January. Since the show is going to be set in the 1940s, it also bring me to a question. Will she get a scene where she is tied up and gagged? Let me know what you think :-)

neděle 7. září 2014

Ukradená vzducholoď (1966) aka The Stolen Airship

This Czechoslovakian comedy is based on the writing of Jules Verne. It includes a scene where a  chambermaid (Štěpánka Řeháková) is tied to a chair and gagged with rope and cloth while the spy who had pretended to be her suitor searches the room.
There is a funny dialogue (in czech) before this scene takes place. The girls asks shyly: "If I invite you in, should I be afraid of you?" and the spy replies: "My dear lady, I wouldn't hurt a flower." The next we see her bound and gagged.

Die Schlangengrube und das Pendel (1967) aka The Torture Chamber of Dr. Sadism aka Castle of the Walking Dead

This German gothic horror movie was directed by Harald Reinl who also directed some of the Winnetou westerns and stars his wife Karin Dor and Lex Barker (both appearing in the Winnetou flicks, the other one as Old Shatterhand) as well as British horror legend Christopher Lee as the main villain.
Christiane Rucker who plays Karin Dor's companion (maybe her maid) gets abducted and finds herself in a very vicious death trap. She is  really nicely tied and also sports a lovely blue gag over her mouth.
She is saved in time by Barker and Dor. Some nice struggling and mmphing.

The Black Cat (1941)

Spoilers Alert!!!!
An old Universal horror-comedy starring Bela Lugosi and Basil Rathbone (the second time Bela appears in a film called The Black Cat).
There is a bunch of people in an isolated old house with many hidden passages and a cat crematorium. One of them is a murderer. Elaine Winslow (played by Anne Gwynne) discovers who it is and the woman has to get rid of her. So she ties her up, gags her and takes her down to the crematorium to burn her. Fortunately the hero comes in time.

The Flame of new Orleans (1941)

A fake countess played by Marlene Dietrich gets abducted and gagged by her suitor. She isn't tied in any way.
This is the only time Marlene got a treatment in a movie.