pondělí 24. října 2011

Damsel of the Month - October - Rita Hayworth

Rita Hayworth (1918 - 1987) was probably the most beautiful actress in the old Hollywood. Unfortunately she never had a proper DID scene. She was gagged once in the movie They Came to Cordura but it was very short scene and very dark and she was not bound. So here you can enjoy this beautiful lady tied up and gagged because Rita is this month's Damsel in Distress.

The Pit and the Pendulum (1961)

Barbara Steele is imprisoned in a cage by her husband Vincent Price in the end of this movie. After his death the remaining members of the family are leaving the dungeon and Price's sister says: "No one will ever enter this room again." The final frames of the film are of Steele's face staring in mute fear through the bars of the small window in the cage, a white cloth tied over her mouth. She had her hands in front of her, maybe untied so it is a mystery why she did not take the gag off and shout for help.

Music Video: Rainbow - Street of Dreams

The video of the Rainbow's hit Street of Dreams pays tribute to the classic DID scene from The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.

The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty (1947)

Virginia Mayo has a very short scene in this great comedy about the adventures of Walter Mitty. She is seen tied to the chair with her hands behind and cleave-gagged with a white handkerchief.

Suna no onna (1964) aka Woman of the Dunes aka Woman in the Dunes

A Japanese entomologist misses the last bus back to town and finds shelter with a woman (Kyoko Kishida) in the bottom of a sand pit. The next morning he realizes he is trapped and can never leave. At first he refuses to work (the woman is part of a slave labor gang) and ties her up and gags her with a handkerchief and a towel, but after nearly dying of thirst, he agrees to start shoveling sand.

Download Woman in the Dunes

The Night Key (1937)

Jean Rogers plays a daughter of Boris Karloff who plays a scientist who is involved with mafia. Of course she gets kidnapped, bound and gagged. Later she is found by police and her father who frees her.

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