neděle 25. března 2012

New Poll: Next Sherry Rathbone Story

Hi, everybody. I have a little problem. I have several ideas for the stories but I cannot decide what I shall write next.
I would like to ask you if you could help me. Please vote in the poll (see the link below) I created for the topic which you like most.

The ideas are:

The Gothic Club 
Sherry and Lucy investigate mysterious disappearance of a goth girl who did not return from the toilet at the Gothic club

Kidnapped Bride 
Lucy's relative is kidnapped shortly before her wedding.

Cat Burglar 
A female cat burglar appears in Bakersfield and Sherry tries to discover her true identity.

Return of Darby 
Sherry's old enemy Darby Deerfield gets out of prison again (this time legally) and plans her revenge. (Something like the Cape Fear movie)

Kidnapped Teacher 
One of the teachers at Bakersfield High school is kidnapped and Sherry has an idea who the kidnapper might be.

Please let me know with what should I start because I can't decide.

Thank you very much for your help (if you have any ideas for the stories themselves you can let me know as well.)



Link for the poll - Vote here

pátek 16. března 2012

The Avengers - S03E23

03x23 - The Charmers

Fenella Fielding plays probably one of the most charming character in the show. Her Kim Lawrence is an actress hired to pose as an agent, a partner of Steed. She is captured, bound and gagged with the old school ties (the bonds are supposed to be unbreakable) and stuffed in a crate. Later she is discovered by Steed and rescued.
This scene brings us several funny lines and dialogues.
The second scene of this episode is very short. The bad girl played by Vivian Pickles is captured by Mrs. Gale who adopts her identity for a while.
Probably one of the best episodes I have seen so far.

The Avengers - S03E09

03x09 - The Medicine Men
This episode brought us two good scenes. First Monica Stevenson (tied up and cleave-gagged) is discovered by John and Cathy.
The second scene is the famous Honor Blackman's "eye-patch" scene. Honor is captured (while wearing one of her sexy leather outfits), tied to a chair and gagged with a very tight OTM gag. However, as the main villainess finds out very soon, she is not as helpless as she might appear.

The Avengers - S02E15

02x15 - Intercrime

Honor Blackman goes undercover but her true identity is revealed and she is captured. Her misfortune brings us the tighest and sexiest cleave-gag we will ever see on television. She is tied to a post (by the way :-))
Honor wears her trademark leather pants during the scene. Unfortunately there isn't a good close-up of her full figure.

The Avengers - S02E10

02x10 - Death on the Rocks

Toni Gilpin is sitting tied up and gagged on the floor while being discovered and rescued by Mr. Steed.

Mr. Steed and Mrs. Gale - Seasons 2 and 3

I am finishing the third season of The Avengers and I love this show more and more. Mrs. Gale and her leather outfits really got under my skin. In the series of following posts I am goin to upload all the "b'n'g" scenes from the 2nd and 3rd season.
Mrs. Peel and Mrs. King are coming as soon as I finish watching their episodes.

The Avengers - Season 1

There isn't much left from the first season of this legendary British TV show. However I found this production still on the internet. It is a scene from the lost episode The Tunnel of Fear (1.20) and it features Miranda Connell tied up and cleave-gagged together with Mr. Steed.

sobota 10. března 2012

Sherry Rathbone returns

After several months I finishe another story about Sherry Rathbone. It is called Fraud of the Century and you can find it here.
If you liked this story or any other story at watertown board please leave a comment to encourage the writers to continue writing.

Thank you

Desolation Angel

úterý 6. března 2012

100 000

Yesterday, the number of 100 000 visits has been overcome. Thanks to all of you who visit my blog regularly and post your comments and feedback. Without you it wouldn't make sense to do such a thing.
Thank you very much for your long-time favour and I hope I will be able to make another update soon.