čtvrtek 29. listopadu 2012

The Clay Pigeon (1949)

Barbara Hale plays Martha, the wife of a soldier who died in the a POW camp in Japan. She is visited by the hero who is supposed to have betrayed her husband. He wants her to help him prove his innocence but she resist and so he overpowers her, knocks her out and ties her up with her handkerchiefs. She is cleave-gagged as well and offers us a lot of very sexy face expressions.

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Think Fast Mr. Moto (1937)

Gloria Danton (played by Virginia Fielding) and her boyfriend are bound and gagged by the villains "because they've heard too much" and are about to be disposed of later. Peter Lorre as Mr. Moto saves them.
Very nice scene for couples-in-distress lovers. Very nice white OTM gags and ropework as well.