neděle 28. prosince 2014

Happy New Year 2015

Hi guys,

I was unable to make any update in December. I had no videos prepared to share and in the pre-Christmas rush there was no time to make them. I am going to try to make it up to you in 2015.
So try not to get too drunk on New Year's Eve and stay tuned for January's update.
Also if you have any suggestions about the clips that I might post here, just let me know.

I wish you a lof of happiness in 2015


Desolation Angel

úterý 25. listopadu 2014

Adventures of Superman (1952) - 06x12 - The Perils of Superman

This episode is a very nice tribute to the classical serials (as the title suggests). All of Superman's friends are captured by a gang of villains wearing silly lead masks (Superman can't see through lead) and he has to save them at the same time. 
Lois is tied to the tracks and gagged and struggles while her train is coming. Don't worry Superman manages to save all of them.

Adventures of Superman (1952) - 06x04 - The Mysterious Cube

Lois and Jimmy are captured again. This time by a mobster whose brother spent seven years in an impenetrable cube so that he could be legally claimed dead.
Lois and Jimmy snoop around and get tied back to back and gagged of course while there is a death trap in the room with them. When it goes off we see only empty chairs with ropes and their gags because Superman managed to save them in time.

Adventures of Superman (1952) - 05x11 - The Stolen Elephant

Lois is tied and gagged to a chair (together with three other guys). Very brief scene.

Adventures of Superman (1952) - 05x05 - The Man Who Made the Dreams Come True

In this episode Lois Lane is bound and gagged in a closet finally not accompanied by Jimmy. She struggles and makes some noises to attract attention of Superman which works and she is rescued a short while later.

(I marked the file 5x06 by accident)

Adventures of Superman (1952) - 05x02 - Tin Hero

Jimmy and a fiancee of a new Daily Planet reporter (who actually believes he is a hero even though he faints at the sight of a gun) are tied up and gagged by the bad guys at the girl's house. Superman overpowers the bad guys but leaves the couple bound for the girl's boyfriend to rescue them and make an impression

Adventures of Superman (1952) - 04x13 - The Jolly Roger

Lois, Jimmy and Clark are captured on an island by the descendants of pirates who guard their treasure. The island is about to be bombed by the army (during their training). The pirates tie Lois and Jimmy together. Clark is bound separately. The trio is gagged with blue bandanas and blindfolded with red ones. (I have always appreciated this nice touch.
Lois manages to work off her gag pretty soon. Clark frees himself but pretends to be still bound and gagged in order to be able to turn into Superman and save them.
I wonder what would have happened if they tied Clark and Lois together or if they didn't blindfold them :-)

Adventures of Superman (1952) - 04x11 - The Deadly Rock

Lois and Jimmy are captured by the gang who suspect a friend of Clark's being Superman because he gets poisoned by kryptonite. They leave the couple tied up and gagged with the unconscious man  and leave the piece of kryptonite lying nearby together with the bomb which is abotu to explode. Superman has to find the way to get in and save them,