neděle 17. srpna 2014

3rd Anniversary

 On 22nd August 2011 I created this blog and made my first update. Thank you for your support all these years.

Stills from some of the previous updates over the years:








Dívka na koštěti (1971) aka The Girl on the Broomstick

A long time before Harry Potter, in the Communist Czechoslovakia there was a fairytale world underground with the school of magic as well. Our heroine is called Saxana, her father is a bat who sleeps all day and flies all night, and she gets to the world of humans by accident and has to find her way back. To do so she befriends some guys. One of them becomes her boyfriend while the others are local school bullies. The bullies promise her to help her to get back if she turns their teachers into rabbits. She does so but when she wants them to keep their promise they laugh at her. She threatens to tell her boyfriend and so they tie her up and gag her in the closet. She mumbles a magic word and flies away on a broom stick. By accident she lands in the flat of her teacher, hurting her husband and damaging their Napoleon statue. The teacher unties her.

Blindman (1971)

This guilty pleasure Italian spagethi westerns stars british musician Ringo Starr as a mexican bandit. His nemesis the blind gunslinger is modelled after the Japanese blind swordsman Zatoichi.
The whole plot concerns saving a bunch of kidnapped women. In the end we see then bound and gagged on the wagons while the mexican general is taking them away. The blind gunslinger is unaware of this fact :-) quite funny ending.

Artists and Models (1955)

Shirley MacLaine plays a model who poses in her Bat Lady costume. She comes off the stage to her dressing room when she is overpowered by a bunch of foreign spies. The next time we see her tied to a chair and cleave.gagged while other lady is wearing her mask and costume. Later she manages to open the door and gets Dean Martin's attention.
Really sexy scene.