neděle 22. června 2014

Sanbiki no samurai (1964) aka Three Outlaw Samurai

Miyuki Kuwano play the daughter of a magistrate who is kidnapped by the villagers who want to negotiate with her father. The scene takes place in the first 10 minutes of the movie and she is tied to a pole and tightly cleave.gagged for the whole time and later freed by her father's soldiers who fight the villagers.
There is one more scene in the movie but the damsel in this second scene isn't gagged and she dies so I didn't include the other one in the video. However the first one is really great.

Zatoichi sekisho yaburi (1964) aka Adventures of Zatoichi

The ninth adventure of Zatoichi, the blind swordsman, has got a short but nice scene. Saki (Miwa Takada) is kidnapped by village Yakuza and carried tied up and gagged in a palanquin through the street.
Since this scene isn't in the database it was a very pleasant surprise for me.

Ibun sarutobi sasuke (1965) aka Samurai Spy

Very brief and dark scene in this good Japanese film. Omiya (Misako Watanabe) is kidnapped by the bad guys and found tied up and gagged by her boyfriend who takes off her gag and hand-gags her so she wouldn't scream.

Download Samurai Spy

Le Doulos (1962) aka The Finger Man

A French film noir starring Jean Paul Belmondo has a scene where Belmondo visits Therese (played by Monique Hennessy) to find out some information. He knocks her out, hogites her onscreen, then shackles her to the radiator with a belt and finally stuff her mouth with a handkerchief and ties another one around her mouth. Then he pours some water on her and slaps her to wake her up. He ungags her and after gettin the information he wanted he gags her again and leaves.

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Enemy Agents Meet Ellery Queen (1942)

This movie is very boring but this scene is worth watching it. Margaret Lindsay is captured again and locked in an apartment. She is lying bound and gagged on the floor and she manages to call Ellery and tries to tell him to come to rescue her. After several unsuccessful attempts he recognizes that she isn't eating but that she is gagged. After that she throws the phone out of the window and he hears the noises from the construction and the Big Ben. After arriving at the place his attention is attracted by Margaret's throwing a pillow out of the window and he comes upstairs to rescue her.
I must say that it is a really great scene with a lot of funny gag-talk, struggling and hopping all over the place while she is still bound and gagged.