neděle 25. října 2015

The Brasheer Doubloon (1947)

Just a picture of Philip Marlowe (George Montgomery) rescuing Merle Davis (Nancy Guild) and untying her sexy cleave-gag. Unfortunately there is no such scene in the movie (nor in the book). Just a poster.

Edit: After I made yesterday's upload, I simply wrote Brasher Doubloon to google and found a bigger version of the poster.

Also I found another poster which shows Nancy Guild OTM gagged.

That's quite a lot of gagging for a movie which did not include any bondage. Do you think there might have been a scene which was cut from the final version?

The Naked Edge (1961)

Some posters:

Deborah Kerr recieves a late night visit from a killer. He promptly tapes her mouth and tries to slash her slash her wrists while he is interupted by her husband. Unfortunately she isn't tied up, he only holds her hands.

Christmas Eve (1947) aka Sinner's Holiday

Jean Bradford (played by Dolores Moran) is discovered in the closet by the cops. She's tied up and OTM gagged.

Red, Hot And Blue (1949)

Betty Hutton is kidnapped by the gangsters, tied to a chair and cleave-gagged. Later Victor Mature comes to rescue, unties her and they fight the bad guys. She is still gagged during the fight scene.

Download Red, Hot and Blue

Calling Paul Temple (1948)

The investigator, Paul Temple, is looking for a psyho killer. His sexy wife (portrayed by Dinah Sheridan) gets abducted. When he discovers her we hear some nice mmmmphing at first and then we see her tied to a post and gagged. He ungags her but she stays tied with her gag hanging around her neck. The killer grabs him and ties them together but her gag is not put back on, unfortunately.

DVD cover