pátek 11. března 2016

Rio Bravo (1959)

A hispanic couple running a hotel in a small western town where John Wayne is the sheriff is abducted by the bandits. They are both tied up and gagged in the chairs. The woman (played by Estelita Rodriguez) has her gag removed and is forced to scream to attract Wayne's attention.

(The language is Czech)

Mackenna's Gold (1969)

The bandits led by Omar Shariff have an Indian girl (played by Shelley Morrison) completely drunk and tied up and gagged on the horse. They use her as a distraction to escape from a group of soldiers.
(The movie is dubbed in Czech language)

Apache (1954)

This is probably one of the most boring westerns I have ever seen. However it at least has a scene of interest.
An Indian girl (played by Jean Peters) is seen tied up and gagged on the ground in her village, being untied by her father.

Fort Osage (1952)

The damsel (Jane Nigh) is knocked out, tied up and OTM gagged with a brown bandanna by a bunch of bandits who are caught looting the safe.