čtvrtek 24. dubna 2014

Fanfan La Tulipe (1952) aka Fan-Fan the Tulip

Fanfan La Tulipe is a great French adventurous comedy set during the Seven Years' War (18th century). Gina Lollobrigida who plays the heroine and Fanfan's love interest is captured and kidnapped by a henchman of King Louis XV (who wants to do naughty things to her). She is being taken somewhere by a carriage with her captor sitting next to her and her boyfriend chasing them on horseback. She takes advantage of her captor's being and idiot and removes her gag by her hands that are tied in front of her and also manages to untie them with her teeth.

This Gun For Hire (1942)

This is a very famous scene in a very famous noir movie starring Alan Ladd and lovely Veronica Lake as the sexy damsel in distress. She is captured by the bad guys, knocked out, tied up and gagged and hidden in the closet to be disposed of later. Ladd finds her takes her out and unties her.

Daughter of the Dragon (1931)

The scene of Frances Dade is one of a very few positive things about this movie. She is captured by the bad guys who are henchmen of Fu Manchu's daughter and she is taken into their basement. She is tied to a chair and gagged with a white handkerchief. Later her boyfriend comes and ungags her but gets tied up with her. (I didn't include that scene because she wasn't gagged anymore.)

The Silver Chalice (1954)

This early Paul Newman movie set in the ancient Rome ruled by Nero has Pier Angeli overcome by the thieves in the tent tied up and gagged. The scene is very brief and we see her back for most of the time but there is a great shot of her hands being tied behind her.
Please note that there are some russian subtitles in the scene.

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