úterý 9. února 2016

Desert Sands (1955)

A member of the French Legion seduces, ties up and gags Zara (Marla English) to escape from the camp of the arabic rebels.

Casino Royale (1954)

The first James Bond movie ever features a sexy damsel (Linda Christian) having her hands tied up behind her back and mouth cleave-gagged. She is ungagged by the villain peter Lorre.

Blondie's Big Deal (1949)

Blondie (Penny Singleton) is snooping where she shouldn't and the bad guys grab her. At first she is briefly hand-gagged, then tied to a chair and OTM gagged with a white handkerchief. She gives us some really nice struggling and a lot of good close-ups of her gagged face.
Later the bad guys' secretary comes and unties her, while saying: "They never had to tie me down on the job."

Follow the Leader (1930)

In this crazy 1930 comedy, Ethel Merman is abducted in her dressing room, tied to the armchair with rope and gagged with some cloth stuffed in her mouth. After that, her captor knocks himself out.