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Dick Tracy Rides Again

Production stills of Anne Jeffreys and Jane Greer
Both ladies are seen here tied up and cleave gagged by the villain Splitface. Unfortunately this scene never appeared in the actual movie. I believe if it had it would have been the best damsel in distress scene from 1940s because the ladies look absolutely lovely with their gags.

Stills of Anne Jeffreys
Here you can see two pictures of tied up and gagged Anne Jeffreys in the Dick Tracy movie. The quality is not good.

The poster
This is the Dick Tracy poster for the Swedish release. It has a drawn face of gagged Anne Jeffreys.

Dick Tracy (1945)

Anne Jeffreys again! This time she is kidnapped, bound and gagged by the psycho murderer who calls himself Splitface. Her boyfriend Dick Tracy comes to rescue her.

Download Dick Tracy (1945)

After Midnight with Boston Blackie (1943)

Jan Buckingham is tied up inside the closet together with three guys. She is gagged as well with a white handkerchief tied over her mouth. Unfortunately she is facing off the camera and the main attention is given to the guys.

Blind Adventure (1933)

Hero and heroine (played by Helen Mack) fall into the clutches of a spy ring. When she discovers who they really are, she starts to scream. The leader handgags her and says: "Don't do that again unless you wanna be gagged." Later she really gets the gag - a white handkerchief is tied over her mouth (and nose) and she is tied up inside of a sack.

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They Got Me Covered (1943)

Oh, those spies again. They capture, bind and gag Phyllis Ruth in this comedy starring Bob Hope. He is escaping them and finds her. But he doesn't untie her. He only covers her with the blanket again and leaves primising he will be back.

Step by Step (1946)

The legendary damsel in distress Anne Jeffreys gets mixed up with some spies from Germany and she ends up bound and gagged. She is rescued by the hero.

Meet Me Tonight (1952) a.k.a. Tonight at 8:30

The first update of this year

For the first update of 2012 I chose Valerie Hobson's scene in the British movie Meet Me Tonight (1952). It was my holy grail for at least 5 years (since the day I first saw Valerie in The Bride of Frankenstein). Several days ago I got it thanks to Kenny who uploaded it for me. I normally don't post video that weren't edited by me but this great scene must be an exception. To my surprise I found out that it not only features Valerie and her film husband bound and gagged but there is also another short scene with Jessie Royce Landis who is bound and gagged by the same "villain".

The couple Stella and Toby Cartwright (Valerie Hobson and Nigel Patrick) desperately need money. When they find out that their servant Murdoch decided to rob the house they are staying they suggest that he could tie them up and gag them and split the money with them. He agrees and while he is stealing the money from Mrs. Olive Lloyd Ransome (Landis), Mr. Cartwright binds lovely Stella. Once Murdoch is back he binds Toby as well and then he gags both of them. Their gags are delightful. He stuffs white handkerchieves in their mouths first and then he ties scarves over their mouths as well. The gags are very tight. But at this point everything goes wrong. He decides to cheat the couple and leave with all the money. Fortunately he is caught by a policeman outside the house and we can enjoy final romantic moment when Stella and Toby (still gagged) kiss each other.

Why do I love this scene so much?
1.) Valerie Hobson is my favorite actress and one of the most gorgeous actresses of 1930's - 1950's.
2.) I have a weakness for couples in distress.
3.) I have a weakness for couples in distress who voluntarily ask to be bound and gagged.
4.) The scene is funny and includes a lot of talking about gags etc.
5.) Valerie Hobson is a great actress and she looks like she is really enjoing being tied up and gagged. Her smiling under the gag and her eyes expressions are really beautiful.

There is also another version of this scene with Joan Collins from the 1990 remake on youtube. In my opinion Hobson's is better. However you can compare it here: