neděle 23. února 2014

Mysterious Doctor Satan (1940) - chapters 6,7 and 14

Chapters 6/7
Lois Scott (played by Ella Neal) is captured by the bad guys and tied to a chair and gagged with a traingle-shaped white handkerchief. After the villains set the death trap up they leave and she starts to struggle (really nice struggling). In the beginning of the 7th capter we see that she is rescued by the masked hero just in time.

Chapter 14
Lois is captured once again and tied to a chair and gagged in the similar manner as in the previous scene. This one is quite short and she is rescued in the end.

Jungle Girl (1941) - chapter 10

Famous Nyoka, the Jungle Girl who is portrayed by beautiful Francess Gifford ends up tied to a pole in a cottage and OTM gagged. She is threatened by a huge gorilla who is trying to break into the hut. In the last moment she manages to shake off her gag and scream for help.
There is more bondage in this serial but this is the only "bound and gagged" scene.

Download Jungle Girl - Chapter 10

Ghost of Zorro (1949) - Chapter 12

Rita White (played by Pamela Blake) is captured by the bad guys and has her hands tied hands behind her back and is gagged with a white handkerchief over the mouth. She's wearing a cowgirl outfit. The scene is quite dark and we don't actually even see Zorro who came to rescue her.

Daredevils of the Red Circle (1939) - chapter 12

In the last episode of this serial, the heroine played by Carole Landis is shown tied to a chair and OTM gagged with a white handkerchief. The scene is really short.