pondělí 17. prosince 2012

The Iron Mask (1929)

Constance (played by Marguerite De la Motte) is kidnapped by Mylady's henchmen in this classic Douglas Fairbanks picture. She is briefly shown with her hands tied behind her back and her mouth gagged.

The Bank (1915)

Edna Purviance appears as a damsel in distress in this Charlie Chaplin movie about a bank robbery. She is grabbed by the villains and gagged. Unfortunately not tied up. After she is rescued by Charlie she keeps her gag on for a while before removing it. Very nice "quick" struggling :-)

Perils of Pauline (1914) - Chapter 5

In this chapter Pauline and her boyfriend are kidnapped by a gang (who are dressed as firemen), tied up and gagged of course and imprisoned in a basement which is about to be filled with water. Boyfriend manages to untie himself and frees Pauline as well. Now they have to find a way to escape.

Perils of Pauline (1914) - Chapter 2

In the second chapter Pauline gets her treatment again. She is kidnapped by the bandits in the Wild West and left bound and OTM gagged in a cave. She manages to untie herself.

Perils of Pauline (1914) - Chapter 1

Pauline (played by Pearl White) is kidnapped by the villain's henchman, tied up and OTM gagged. She is carried away into the house where she is left in the attic. The bad guy then sets the house on fire and leaves.
She manages to take off her gag and the hero comes to rescue her before she burns.

Silent update

Christmas is coming and there is a traditional Christmas song called "Silent Night, Holy Night" and so I decided that this pre-Christmas update would be silent ... :-)

We will start with the classical serial Perils of Pauline.