čtvrtek 29. listopadu 2012

Park Plaza 605 (1953)

Hero of this British mystery film is named Norman Conquest. His girlfriend Pixie (portrayed by Joy Shelton) is kidnapped by the bad guys and when Norman comes to rescue her, he beats up her captor and then finds her tied to a chair very securely and cleave-gagged very tightly with a handkerchief with a big knot in her mouth. Fortunately he doesn't untie her immediately but teases her for a while telling her that the only way to keep her safe is to leave her there like she is. She doesn't like his talk and wants to be released and produces very nice mumbling.
In the end he decides to untie her and tie the knocked-out captor up and gag him. After they do this. She pretends she wants to kiss him but kicks him under his knee instead for his previous behaviour.

I made 48 screen shots because I think she looks extremely gorgeous, her bondage is very secure (not just hands behind her back) and her gag is perfect. Plus this scene is very funny. I recommend it to you.

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