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New Poll: Next Sherry Rathbone Story

Hi, everybody. I have a little problem. I have several ideas for the stories but I cannot decide what I shall write next.
I would like to ask you if you could help me. Please vote in the poll (see the link below) I created for the topic which you like most.

The ideas are:

The Gothic Club 
Sherry and Lucy investigate mysterious disappearance of a goth girl who did not return from the toilet at the Gothic club

Kidnapped Bride 
Lucy's relative is kidnapped shortly before her wedding.

Cat Burglar 
A female cat burglar appears in Bakersfield and Sherry tries to discover her true identity.

Return of Darby 
Sherry's old enemy Darby Deerfield gets out of prison again (this time legally) and plans her revenge. (Something like the Cape Fear movie)

Kidnapped Teacher 
One of the teachers at Bakersfield High school is kidnapped and Sherry has an idea who the kidnapper might be.

Please let me know with what should I start because I can't decide.

Thank you very much for your help (if you have any ideas for the stories themselves you can let me know as well.)



Link for the poll - Vote here

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