neděle 25. září 2011

Comments problem fixed

Thanks to Matty Hopkirk from Didvids Forum I found out that I (by mistake) allowed only for registered members of blogger to post the commets. I am really sorry for that and I fixed it so that everyone can post now.
Sorry for my mistake again. If you want to discuss scenes or have some feedback or suggestions for me, please fell free to comment now.

7 komentářů:

  1. That's much better.
    Now you can see that people aren't ignoring you!


  2. Yes, I am really glad to know that. Thanks again for letting me know :-)

  3. I really love this blog keep up the good work

  4. Great site. Question: I recognize Jean Harlow & Dorothy Dandridge. Who's the chick in the middle with the nice OTM gag?

  5. Thanks for positive feedback, guys.

    For gagsta b: That chick's name is Miriam Jordan. She had a scene in Sherlock Holmes movie in 1932. It is one of the first videos I have posted here.

  6. Congratulations for such a site:the 1940-50-60s is maybe the top for DID scenes... Rope and cloth gag are quite more titillating that the current "tape way".

    Please, if possible, could you post the scene from the 1964 FANFARE FOR A DEATH SCENE, where Tina Louise ties up another girl ? I have been unable to get a mere pic of that elusive scene...

    Anyway, thanks again !

  7. Thanks. I am glad that you like my site.
    I have never even heard of the Fanfare For a Death Scene movie but I will try to find it and make a scene, eventually :-)