pondělí 22. srpna 2011

Nikdo nic nevi a.k.a. Nobody Knows Anything (1947)

In This Czechoslovakian screwball comedy set during the World War II, Jarmila, a chambermaid of the Avion Hotel (Irena Svingerova) is abducted, tied up to chair with scarves and OTM gagged by the heroine of the movie who steals her clothes in order to escape from Gestapo. Later Jarmila is discovered by hotel management and the Nazis, untied and ungagged.
This scene is quite similar to that in Once Upon a Honeymoon but in this case the damsel is not tied voluntarily.

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1 komentář:

  1. A very good scene, for a 1947 movie !

    The only thing I regret is that we cannot see some catfight, with the heroïne subduing the lovely brunette chambermaid...