pátek 13. prosince 2013

The Purple Monster Strikes (1945) - Chapters 7/8 and 15

Chapters 7/8
Another classic gem. Seventh chapter shows Sheila (Linda Stirling) tied to a chair by Purple Monster and his henchman and gagged with an ubiquitous white cloth over her mouth. This chapter ends with the house being blown up but in the beginning of Chapter 8 we learn that the hero and Sheila are safe thanks to Sheila's ability to remove the gag in time.

Chapter 15
In the last chapter she discovers a secret passage for which she is once again captured by The Purple Monster and his henchman, taken downstairs, tied to the chair and gagged with a white handkerchief. Later she is rescued by the hero who fights against the villains while she is still bound and gagged.

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