čtvrtek 31. října 2013

I'm back ... again

Hello everybody, I know that it has almost become a tradition not to update this blog for a half a year or so and then come back but I must say that after 8 months I'm back and I hope that this time for good.
In February I got my laptop fixed and the harddrive was changed which caused the loss of all data (although my videos were backed up). Unfortunately I also lost all the bookmarks and cookies and I couldn't remember what the login for this site had been. After a couple of frustrating and unsuccessful attempts I gave up and decided to leave the blog alone without updates.
Couple of days ago I was watching an old movie which featured unexpected DID scene (one of those featured in today's update) and I decided to give a one last try and suddenly something enlightened me and I remembered that the login-email didn't start with DesolationAngel but TheDesolationAngel and suddenly I was in again.

I hope that this time I won't lose my login or interest in the blog again and will be able to update at least once a month.

Enjoy today's videos and welcome back after sucha a long time.

Yours truly

Desolation Angel

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