neděle 4. května 2014

And now for something completely different ...

Recently I have been listening to glam and sleaze rock bands such as Steel Panther, Vain, Vains of Jenna, etc. and all of these guys have very fine and funny lyrics mostly about sex (what else) however sometimes there is a mention of bondage.

Vains of Jenna have a song called Refugee which contains a line: "maybe you were kidnapped, tied up, taken away and held for ransom." Listen here.
Steel Panther's Weenie Ride has a line: "It's more fun when you're gagged and tied." Listen here.
Vain have released an album called Enough Rope with a tied up girl on the cover. And I could go on and on because almost every band has a song containing a line about having hands tied or something like that.
Why am I writing this? These rock songs inspired me to create a text of my own. There was a random melody in my head (probably belonging to one of those songs I have been listening to) and I came up with some bondage lyrics. So if I had a rock band this would surely be my biggest hit :-) It is nothing special, just some stupid rhymes about tying women up but I hope you are going to like them :-)

The Bondage Freak
I love you more when you're bound and gagged
'Cause I can play with your mom instead
I'm a bondage freak who's on the run
Come on ladies let's have some fun

I'll tie your feet and tie your hands
Tie your mother and all your friends
Stuff some panties in your mouth
'Cause I don't wanna hear you shout

Bondage is my way of life
You are gonna be my tied up wife
I'll tie your mother and all your friends
I wanna see you struggle in your leather pants

You look so good when you're tied up tight
Your mouths are taped so you cannot bite
Come on ladies let's have some fun

Your bondage freak is back in town

NOTE: If you know about a song with lyrics including some bondage let me know in the comment :-)

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