sobota 26. července 2014

Pleins feux sur Stanislas (1965)

Crazy French spy comedy has got a lot of scenes of people bound and gagged and four of them are damsels.
At first the hero, Stanislas played by Jean Marais comes home to discover there was a home invasion and he finds his secretary (Marcelle Arnold) bound and gagged in the closet. After untying her he discovers his butler and housekeeper (probably played by Alice Field) bound and gagged in the chest. Both ladies are OTM gagged and have their hands tied in front.
Later, the female lead actress Nadja Tiller (portraying Marais's love interest Benedicte) is kidnapped from her apartment and carried into the ambulance. The villains are dressed as paramedics. Her face is covered with a blanket but later when the blanket is taken off we can see that she is tape gagged.and has her hands tied in front of her as well.
The last scene occurs near the end. Rosine (Bernadette Lafont) is tied to a chair with her hands behind her back. She is OTM gagged too.
Not so great movie but it is unique for its four bondage scenes. I don't remember any American film from that period which has as much bondage as this French gem.

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