neděle 22. června 2014

Enemy Agents Meet Ellery Queen (1942)

This movie is very boring but this scene is worth watching it. Margaret Lindsay is captured again and locked in an apartment. She is lying bound and gagged on the floor and she manages to call Ellery and tries to tell him to come to rescue her. After several unsuccessful attempts he recognizes that she isn't eating but that she is gagged. After that she throws the phone out of the window and he hears the noises from the construction and the Big Ben. After arriving at the place his attention is attracted by Margaret's throwing a pillow out of the window and he comes upstairs to rescue her.
I must say that it is a really great scene with a lot of funny gag-talk, struggling and hopping all over the place while she is still bound and gagged.

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  1. Lesson to all mashers and villains from this clip, is to always hogtie each and every damsel.