sobota 18. ledna 2014

Captain America (1944)

Chapter 1

Lorna Gray has got quite a lot of good scenes in this serial. In the first Chapter she is snooping in the wrong place and she is captured by the bad guys, tied to a chair and gagged with a white hanky over her mouth. Later she is rescued by Captain America (however in his civil outfit).

Chapter 10

Lorna is bound and gagged in a room full of tied up and gagged guys. The scene is only a brief one because Cap comes to rescue them.

Chapters 13 and 14

Chapters 13 and 14 show Ms. Gray captured together with a cop. They are hidden in the closet and later rescued by Captain America. Ms. Gray sports her usual white OTM gag.

Chapter 15

In the last chapter Lorna is once again tied to a chair and OTM gagged by the villains.
There is one more scene in this episode but I didn't include it because there was no gag.


Poster for the last episode

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