úterý 29. ledna 2013

1st update of 2013

So I finally overcame my constant laziness and decided to make an update.

First thing - I stopped using mediafire. Apart from some problems with uploading, they have deleted two of my Avengers files and that cannot be forgiven.
I'll let there the old files (hopefully they won't be deleted as well) and move to uloz.to. For those who aren't familiar with this site, there is some info:
It's a czech server, you can download only one file at the time but the download is quick and there are no waiting gaps between the downloads.
After clicking on the link you must click on Stáhnout (it means Download), write down 4-letter captcha code and click on Stáhnout again. It is very easy and very reliable site. So I hope that everybody will be happy with it. I am uploading tonight's update + two reuploaded deleted files of poor Mrs. Peel (episodes 04x02 and 04x17).

Enjoy the upload

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