pondělí 11. dubna 2016

Port Sinister (1953) aka Beast of Paradise Isle

Lynne Roberts stars the damsel in distress of this B-adveture movie. She is tied up and gagged by the bad guys and left fot a giant crab to be eaten. The scene includes nice cleave-gag, a lot of struggling and she manages to ungag herself to call for help.
Unfortunately all is dark and foggy and the quality of the picture is very low. If you have a better copy of the movie or of the scene, please let me know.

Some production still and posters

Captive Women (1952) aka 1000 Years From Now aka 3000 A.D.

Gloria Saunders stars as an evil scheming woman who betrays her tribe (the movie is set in the post-apocalyptic future where people almost destroyed themselves with nuclear bombs and the survivors occupying Manhattan are divided into three tribes fighting each other).
She leads two members of her tribe into a trap. They find out and tie her up and gag her on the ground which is a pity because we can't see her gagged mouth. They decide whether to kill her or not and then they just leave her there and she manages to free herself.

Shoot-Out at Medicine Bend (1957)

Dany Crayne plays a damsel in distress who is overpowered by a masked burglar who comes through the window. She is left tied up and gagged on the bed to be found and rescued by some woman.

The Charge at Feather River (1953)

Vera Miles plays one of the two sisters that had been captured by the Indians. However she gets used to the life and plans on getting married to one of them. When the rescue party arrives she has to be gagged and taken unwillingly.

Undercover Maisie (1947) aka Undercover Girl

Maisie (Ann Sothern) goes undercover and gets caught. She is grabbed, gagged with a white handkerchied over her mouth and then tied up on the floor. She tries to alert people in the room next to where she is held captive and while tied up she tries to fight the villainess.

Trouble in Store (1953)

Lana Morris is a girlfriend of a store clerk. The couple discover a plot to rob the store and she ends up tied up and gagged. Her boyfriend saves her.

Ten Tall Men (1951)

Jody Lawrence plays sheik's daughter who gets kidnapped by a French Legion troop. She has her hands tied to a horse saddle and is OTM gagged with a red scarf. She is being brought to a secret hidout where she is ungagged and manages to escape.